We're helping the scientific problem solvers at Leidos harness one more tough challenge... Evolving their brand.


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Class Reunion

We worked extensively on the Leidos brand while at Interbrand, and were thrilled to reunite with the Leidos brand team last year on their LEED certified global headquarters construction project.

Starting with a deep-dive into architectural progress, we quickly understood an experience strategy was needed to guide brand expression across 17 floors and 4 basement levels.

What's an Experience Strategy?

It begins with the idea that the presence and intensity of Brand should modulate across touchpoints. In the case of facilities, this means how and where the brand "appears," as well as how it interacts with its surroundings should be driven by a strategy that ensures continuity.

So we developed one, providing clear direction and a visual kit-of-parts to map opportunities and develop design and intent documents for the entire building!

Branding Spaces

With an approved Experience Strategy guiding all aspects of building design, we have since developed a new brand pattern strategy and design language, extended secondary signage, and designed brand applications for just about any surface imaginable.

All told we're delivering designs for over 300 brand locations throughout the Global HQ building. Meanwhile we've also begun extending the same strategy and design principles to other facilities within the Leidos real estate portfolio.

The Brand is evolving, leveraging the best of what already exists — and solving the challenges that face every brand as it ages gracefully.